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AM-03 & AM-04

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AEQ’s AM-03 and AM-04 audio near-field/presence monitors are intended for use in VTR rooms, OB Vans, Television and Radio Control Rooms, and Media Systems – anywhere where it’s necessary to monitor the presence and quality of high density audio and video signals.

Both the AM-03 and AM-04 are one rack unit (1 RU), and are magnetaically shielded for use near CRTs and video monitors. Even if the units are only 1RU size, they offer excellent audio quality thanks to the implementation of multi-stage amplifiers for each channel. The AM family of audio monitors also include basic audio measurement indicators.

The AM-03 is the perfect choice when monitoring analog audio.

The AM-04 is the ideal solution when working with diverse audio formats such as analog, digital AES-EBU, and embedded audio in SDI video signals.