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All Artemis consoles feature:

  • 12 dual layers of faders.
  • 6 band fully parametric EQ / filters on each channel, group and main path.
  • 2 x compressor / limiters, 1 x expander / gate, and sidechain EQ / filters on each channel, group and main path.
  • 4 independent simultaneous post fader, pre fader or pre EQ track / IFB sends per channel / group path.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and metering.
  • User splits and independent monitoring for multiple operators.
  • Independent DSP, routing and control processing.
  • An integral Hydra2 router with up to 512 audio channels per Hydra2 port, fully integrable with any Hydra2 network.
  • An extensive range of Hydra2 I/O available.
  • Copper or fibre connectivity.
  • Highly resilient, comprehensive redundancy and fully hot-pluggable cards and panels.
  • Low power consumption and heat generation.