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Remote Production

  • 제조사Calrec
  • 간략설명The broadcast landscape is shifting



Broadcasters are looking for more content, at more locations, and with fewer resources.

The dream is the concept of remote production, which offers the ability to capture a broader range of live events, such as sports, news or regional music festivals, and mix them in a remote facility hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Many of these events might be of restricted interest, and may even be broadcast to a narrow audience demographic. They may be regional news events which require a lot of content generation in a short space of time. They may be temporary infrastructures which are required to be highly portable.

This additional content must meet the same high broadcast standards as bigger events, but broadcasters cannot always justify the luxury of a dedicated outside broadcast truck and a team of skilled on-site operators.

This is where remote production technology provides a realistic alternative.

The aim is to produce the program centrally, in a studio-based control room, without the financial outlay of a dedicated on-site team. From an audio point of view this means generating the program sound mix some distance from the venue in a sound control room. This presents the opportunity to improve the quality of monitoring and of sound quality, as well as allowing more efficient utilisation of equipment and personnel. 

• 32 input channels configurable as mono, stereo or 5.1 with comp/exp, 2 filters, 4 EQ
• 12 Aux busses
• Fader send condition switching
• Shows/Memories with backup/restore
• DVI Video Output for metering
• Remote control of channel functions over TCP/IP connection