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HP-Eight 24

  • 제조사Crest Audio
  • 간략설명Mixer



•24 Mono input channels - 8 analog subgroups - Left, Right, and Mono outputs ◦5 Stereo Line Input channels on faders with EQ, bus assignment, and aux sends
◦Mono input channels have individual 48-volt phantom power, pad and polarity reverse switches
◦4-band equalizer on Mono inputs with two swept mid frequencies and fixed frequency high-pass filter
◦10 Auxiliary sends on mono input channels enables the console to be used as a monitor mixer
◦Direct output on all mono input channels
◦"Fader flip" function on aux outputs places aux masters on 100mm faders in place of groups and L/R
◦100mm high-quality faders on mono inputs, groups and separate left, right, and mono outputs
◦4-channel scene mute system
◦TRS Inserts on Mono inputs and all main buses (Auxes, Groups, L/R/M)
◦Full talkback and monitor systems
◦Modular input blocks of 8 channels
◦Internal Power supply with connector for external, redundant supply
◦2 channel matrix system
◦Designed and manufactured in the U.S. by the same people who brought you the Century Series, X-Series, X-Rack Series, and V12 consoles
◦Five-Year Warranty