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RMServer is a compact hardware unit that runs RMS over Ethernet. Situated between the computer running Compass and the loudspeaker cabinets, RMServer’s two FT-10 ports can be connected to up to 50 RMS loudspeakers or 12 MPS-488HP power supplies. Since each MPS-488HP powers eight loudspeakers, one RMServer can monitor 96 48 V loudspeakers connected to MPS-488HPs that are equipped with the RMS option.

RMServer stores system configurations internally, eliminating most manual data entry.

A system can be monitored from a laptop at front-of-house or backstage, or via a tablet computer as the engineer or system tech moves around the venue.

RMServer offers email alerts of any issues with your system, so you can rest assured your system is being monitored, even when Compass is not running.

The integration of RMS into Compass control software puts all your system management tools right at your fingertips—from controlling Galileo or Callisto processors and CAL loudspeakers to remote monitoring with Compass RMS.

With each loudspeaker storing its own ID internally and RMServer storing system configurations, setting up an RMS system in Compass is quick and easy.